Our 1500 sq.meters company headquarter with our Sales Department, R&D Department and Accounting Department is located in Guangzhou, China, the chief economic center in Southern China. In our headquarter, you could see lots of our prevailing products in the market in different colors and sizes.

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Emersongear Tactical Gear Supplier


Emersongear Tactical Gear Supplier

Getting the right tactical gear for your military unit can be difficult. Luckily, you can find tactical gear suppliers that specialize in the military. These companies offer everything you need to make your unit more efficient. They offer a wide variety of tactical equipment, including tactical gear for rifles and pistols, as well as tactical vests and tactical gloves. In addition, these companies offer training materials, such as handbooks and training manuals.


Founded in 1997, Atlantic Diving Supply (ADS) is one of the seven largest suppliers to the Defense Department. The company began by providing commercial diving equipment to the Navy SEALS. In 2000, ADS won its first Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) prime vendor contract, allowing it to expand its scope of products to additional DLA customers.

Today, ADS provides a range of personal safety and tactical equipment to military, law enforcement, and other emergency response organizations. The company’s products include body armor, tactical gear, helmets, and other personal protective equipment. They also offer products for aerial insertion and search and rescue.

ADS’s Tactical Equipment Catalog features thousands of products from premier manufacturers. The catalog serves as an industry benchmark for tactical operations. It features products such as helmets, backpack frames, dump pouches, face masks, plate carriers, and other equipment.

ADS provides equipment for emergency response, first responders, CBRNe missions, and other projects. It also works with local organizations, such as the USO of Hampton Roads and Central Virginia, the Combat Wounded Coalition, Habitat for Heroes, and Old Dominion University’s Treat the Troops program.

ADS also provides personal protective equipment, including KN95 respirators. These respirators are suitable for aerial insertion or search and rescue missions. In addition, the company provides thermal imaging scopes, night vision equipment, and lasers. Its products are custom-made to meet mission requirements.

ADS has warehouses in Virginia Beach and San Diego, and has offices in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The company’s products are sourced from more than 1,500 vendors. The company’s warehouses total 182,000 square feet. Many items are drop-shipped from manufacturers directly to mission sites, while others are routed through the company’s warehouses before delivery.

ADS has 35 contracts with the DOD. The company also participates in the FieldCom IDIQ contract, which provides support for government field communication systems. The company’s TacCom II contract provides access to the latest tactical communications equipment.

ADS also works with the Navy Seal Foundation, Habitat for Heroes, 31 Heroes, USO of Hampton Roads and Central Virginia, USO of Pennsylvania, and Old Dominion University’s “Treat the Troops” program.

Centurion SWAT

Located in Phoenix, AZ, Centurion SWAT offers an impressive array of high end, yet affordable products. Aside from its extensive selection of high end tactical gear, the company also offers its customers the highest level of service. Whether you are in the market for hunting gear, tactical clothing, or survival accessories, Centurion SWAT has you covered. With its large inventory and knowledgeable staff, you can be sure that you will get the best deal possible.

For example, the company’s P2Sys line of tactical body armor carriers is specifically designed for law enforcement SWAT operators and PSD/security professionals. Among their offerings are the aptly named Maniple and the Hastati-1, which are two of the best tactical body armor carriers on the market today. The company also boasts of the largest selection of holsters and mag carriers on the planet, making it a one stop shop for your concealed carry needs. If you are in the market for new holsters, you might want to check out their clearance section. Aside from holsters, you might also want to check out their line of tactical backpacks and vests. This is especially true if you are planning on spending a little time in the field, as you will want to make sure you are well protected.

One of the best parts of this company is its high end, yet affordable selection of top notch tactical gear. With a staff of over 20 employees, you are assured of the highest level of service. Aside from their massive inventory of top notch tactical gear, the company also offers a variety of perks such as free shipping on most orders. This company knows that it’s customers are important, and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep them happy. The company also offers its customers a variety of rewards programs, including a monthly email newsletter, monthly special offers, and free delivery on orders over a certain dollar amount.

Tun Tavern Tactical

Seeing a military garb akin to the modern day soldier is no mean feat. Fortunately, a tactical gear supplier has you covered. Their offerings include the latest in rifles and pistols, as well as the best in combat comms. For the civvies out there, you’re in luck. Unlike many companies, they’re happy to work with you on the best deal for your hard earned dollars. If you’re in the market for a new rifle, comms, or some new ink, Tun Tavern Tactical will work with you to make your next gear purchase a great one. This is a company with a storable record in the military industry, and they’re always willing to help. They’re also happy to discuss the best options for you, if you’re not sure where to start. They’re also more than willing to do the heavy lifting if you’re just starting out. Whether you’re looking for a new rifle, comms, optics, or just some new ink, Tun Tavern Tactical is your best bet. They’re also the best place to find the best deals on tactical comms and gear.

Troops Military Supply

Located in Columbus, Georgia, just outside of Fort Benning, Troops Military Supply is a one stop shop for all of your Ranger School packing list supplies. They are committed to providing great customer service.

Their inventory includes tactical goggles that are ideal for law enforcement, police and rescue operations. These goggles have self healing anti fog coatings, nylon lenses and polycarbonate frames. They also feature bottom vents and baffled tops.

They also carry a variety of military gear. Military supplies include V rings, D rings, buckles, latch and link assemblies and adapters. The company also offers short term warehousing for military products. Its inventory also includes a wide selection of military bags, military duffle bags and camouflage clothing.

The company is also a system integrator of military equipment. They offer a wide range of electronic controls, interfaces, wire and cable assemblies, as well as printed circuit boards. The company also has a large inventory of military ruggedized computers that are available in a variety of operating systems and configurations. These computers are also available in customized orders.

ADS has a global network of over 3,000 supplier partnerships and manages more than 50,000 products for military operations. They have a proven track record of moving requirements forward. They have also been certified by ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 to ensure quality and environmental protection. The company also offers a variety of procurement channels, such as contract packaging and contract packaging services.

Source Gear is an ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified manufacturer of comprehensive protective gear. The company also provides load bearing solutions and hydration solutions. The company also integrates social values with its business and donates 5% of its profits to help the community. They are also the largest tactical gear manufacturer in Israel. The company is a member of the Israel Defense Forces supplier network and supplies hundreds of organizations in dozens of countries around the world.

TYR Tactical is constantly searching for ways to improve its inventory. They are known for their innovative products and pursuit of excellence.