Our 1500 sq.meters company headquarter with our Sales Department, R&D Department and Accounting Department is located in Guangzhou, China, the chief economic center in Southern China. In our headquarter, you could see lots of our prevailing products in the market in different colors and sizes.

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EmersonGear G3 Combat Pants(TC5050)

Tactical PantsCombat Apparel









*Removeable Protection Pads* 
Knee pads (Elbow pads) can be removed as needed
Adjustable designs are used
*Concealment Breathing Design*
Increase air-flow for better wearing experience
*Expandable Pockets*
Expandable pocket design enables better capacity when needed
*3D Cutting*
3D active cutting provides better wearing experience
*4-way Stretch*
4-way stretch fabric frees the movements of users
*2-way Stretch*
2-way stretch fabric frees the movements of users
*Jointing Design*
Jointing design for both functional and stylish
*Reinforcement Design*
Reinforcement design increase the Durability of the product
*1″ Belt Loop*/ *1.5″ Belt Loop*/ *1.75″ Belt Loop*
Fits belts of different width
*Concealment Pockets*
Keeping your private and important stuff in a safe way but not reducing the stylish

  • MultiCam®

    The MultiCam® pattern was developed to effectively limit the visual and near-IR signature of a person operating across a very wide range of physical environments and seasons. After many successful evaluations, after being proven in combat, and after becoming the officially issued pattern of the US Army for all Afghanistan operations in 2010, MultiCam® is the proven multi-environment concealment solution.

  • YKK®

    YKK Is the benchmark of the zipper industry, using Japanese precision technology, raw materials and management methods.

  • Teflon™

    Teflon™ Industrial Coatings Superior Fluoropolymer Coatings for a Broad Range of Applications Nonstick / Low coefficient of friction / Heat resistance / Chemical resistance Non-wetting / Unique electrical properties / Abrasion resistance

  • Breathtex®

    Anti-UV and sweat wicking.